TOLBOOM VALVE customers can rely on more than 40 years experience in the ball valve industry, and more than 30 years experience in design and manufacturing of Non-Contact Ball Valves.

TOLBOOM VALVE is technically and commercially the best choice for Non-Contact rising stem and Metal to Metal seated ball valves.

TOLBOOM VALVE is based on a combination of a turning and linear movement of the closing member, resulting in friction free turning and sealing, and a very low stem torque.


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Lower price

The compact design results in lower production cost

Less maintanance

Due to longer durability and higher reliability compared to other ball valves

Lower operation cost

Cost of required actuators will be significant lower, due to the low stem torque

Usage of standard actuators

Use of standard quarter turn available actuators

Less energy

Save up to 70% energy to operate the Tolboom Valve

Build-in dimensions

The build-in dimensions of a Tolboom Valve is 70% smaller (height) compared to a Rising Stem Ball Valve

Typical applications

Molecular Sieve service. Blow-down.
Dehydration and Regeneration. ESD.
Hydrocarbon processes. Isolation.
Sand and Slurry service. HIPPS.
Gas metering.  Subsea (API 6DSS)

Plating and weld-overlays on sealing areas

TCC: Tungsten Carbide Coating.
Ni-SiC: Nickel-Silicon Carbide Plating.
CCC: Chromium Carbide Coating.
ENP: Electroless Nickel Plating.
Weld Overlay Stellite Gr6, or Gr12. AISI 316/316L. Alloy 625, Alloy 825.

Body Materials

Carbon Steel: A105N, WCC, LCC, LF2, LF3, F60, F65.
Stainless Steel: A182F316/321/347. AISI 316, 321, 347.
Nickel Alloys: Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Monel.
Austenitic/Ferritic: Duplex, Super Duplex.
Titanium Grades, and customer demand.

Size range

1” up to 60”.

Pressure range

ANSI class 150 lbs up to 4500 lbs.
API  2.000 PSI up to 20.000 PSI.
DIN PN 10 up to PN 1400.

Trim Materials

Carbon Steel: A105N, LF2, LF3.
Stainless Steel: A182 gr F6, 13Cr4Ni, AISI 316, 321, 347, 17-4PH, Nitronic.
Austenitic/Ferritic: Duplex, Super Duplex.
Nickel Alloys: Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Monel.
Titanium Grades and customers demand.

End Connections

Flanged ANSI B16.5
Butt-weld  ANSI B16.25
Compact flange NORSOK L-500
DIN  flanged
API  flanged
Hub ends: e.g. Graylock, Destec, Techlock.

Operating devices

Lever, Gearbox, Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic, Gas over Oil,
Subsea ROV interface to API 17H  /  ISO 13628-8.
Top flange ISO 5210.

Commercial Features

Fresh ideas to be multifaceted

The compact design of the valve results in lower production cost, and LOWER PRICES.

Cost of required actuators will be significant lower, due the low stem torque, and the use of standard quarter turn available actuators.

Environmental Features

There is only one Mother Earth, Let’s treat her with respect

The Environment is a high priority of the Tolboom Valve Company.

The Tolboom Valve only requires 40% of the normal operational energy consumption compared to Rising Stem and Metal to Metal seated ball valves. An energy consumption reduction of 60%.

The compact design requires less material and significantly less energy to produce.

Adjustable Stem sealing prevents leakage to the environment.

Design Features

Only 90 degree stem turning to open or close the valve.

  • Compact build-in dimensions. Not larger than a standard API 6D Top-Entry valve.
  • Top entry design for in-line maintenance and inspection.
  • Sealing force between seat and ball can be exercised outside the valve.
  • Mechanical closing member is out of the flow line.
  • Single seat design, no thermal expansion danger.
  • Self-cleaning and sealing-area due to the immediate 360 degrees flow velocity when opening or closing the valve.
  • Stationary seat.
  • Mechanically energized sealing.
  • Suitable for bi-directional flow.
  • Small engineered distance between ball and seat, avoiding bulky solids being jammed.
  • Reversed bottom and top trunnion, to avoid pollution of the trunnions.
  • Quarter turn stem design, suitable for standard available actuators.
  • Blow-out proof stem.
  • Adjustable stem packing, while valve is in service. Optional with life load Belleville springs.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Metal to Metal as well as Soft Seated available.

Special Service

  • Subsea Service.
  • Steam Jacketed on request.
  • Sand slurry service 50%.
  • Cryogenic service.
  • Hot oil service.
  • Special compact design available for offshore service.

Ultra-short delivery time on special request